ROTOR is written in OCaml, so you must have OCaml installed to run it. Instructions for installing OCaml can be found on the website.

Once installed, follow these instructions to run ROTOR.

Installation is available via the following routes.


ROTOR can be installed from the central OPAM 2 repository.

Make sure that you first have an up-to-date list of packages using

  > opam update

You can then install ROTOR via the command

  > opam install rotor

From Source with OPAM

You can also install ROTOR from a local copy of the source code by pinning it to a local OPAM package. Assuming that your local copy of the source is found in the directory /path/to/source this can be done with the following command

  > opam pin add -k path rotor /path/to/source

From Docker Hub

A pre-compiled version of ROTOR is available as a Docker image on the Docker hub.

The image can be downloaded by your Docker installation using the command

  > docker pull reubenrowe/ocaml-rotor


ROTOR has a number of dependencies. Installation via OPAM should make sure that these dependencies are installed automatically. The Docker image comes with all dependencies pre-installed.

ROTOR depends on the following system utilities to produce patch file output.

  • diff
  • filterdiff

In Linux distributions, the diff tool is contained in the diffutils package, and the filterdiff tool is contained in the patchutils package. These can usually be installed via your system’s package manager.

ROTOR requires the following OCaml packages.